Coastal Flood Zone Revisions

Specializing in FEMA Letters of Map Revision (LOMR)


Letters of Map Amendments (LOMA)


Resulting in Clients saving thousands of dollars in flood insurance premium


 LOMR / LOMA Services

CFZR hires a team of highly qualified professional Coastal Engineers and Land Surveyors to coordinate the processing of any LOMR or LOMA request on your behalf through the FEMA regulatory structure. We will manage the scoping and procurement of data collection, analysis, surveys, and necessary modeling efforts, some of which may be from third party consultants and contractors, along with report preparation and agency coordination.

Property Inspections

CFZR conducts Single Family Residential and High-rise Condominium inspections, reviews their flood policies and associated documents, and are "up to speed" with FEMA's special rating eligibility programs.

FEMA Elevation Certificates

We prepare Elevation Certificates and review prior certificates for their accuracy and confirm the correct building diagram, which is crucial to insurance rating of a particular condominium or single family residence.

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